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IOAS is seeking to appoint two additional full-time Client Managers to join the current team to assist in implementing conformity assessment activities in organic agriculture and related areas.

The Position

The Client manager (CM) is appointed by the Executive Director and reports to the Programme Manager. The CM assists the Programme Manager in all aspects of the processing of applications for accreditation/assessment and is responsible for the administration of selected clients which may be active in a number of schemes.
Duties: The Client manager (CM) will have day to day responsibility for processing of applications for accreditation, including:
the conducting of document screening reports;
identification of non-compliances;
organisation of evaluation visits;
conducting on-site visits;
the assessment of the visit report;
monitoring of corrective actions taken by the certification bodies and the processing of the accreditation decision to the point of contract signing.
Additional duties in assisting in the functions of ongoing monitoring of compliance of accredited programmes will include:
the assessment of annual returns,
conducting annual surveillance visits,
the organising of re-evaluation visits.
The CM will be required to conduct some evaluation visits. Other travel obligations include periodic training sessions and occasional participation in trade shows. Travel commitment is estimated at around 70 days per year and any one period of travel is likely to be no more than 1-2 weeks.
The CM may also have the opportunity to assist in procedural and policy development or to undertake general developmental tasks.


The successful applicant is likely to have a degree level qualification in agriculture or food related topics or have experience in such industries in quality related roles. Specific experience in the organic and sustainability sector and in some aspect of conformity assessment (inspection, certification, accreditation) is necessary. Also desirable would be qualifications and/or experience in food safety, social compliance, aquaculture, textiles, cosmetics, good agricultural practice or ethical trade. IOAS is especially interested in candidates with qualification and/or experience in food safety and social compliance. A track record of working internationally in different cultural environments would be an asset. Due to its increased activity in North America, IOAS would especially welcome applicants from North America.

Applicants must be able to work on their own as well as part of a team and show good attention to detail. Fluency in English is essential and at least one other language highly desirable as is a willingness to travel extensively, sometimes off the beaten track. Unless the successful applicant wishes to work in our North Dakota office, they will be expected to work from their own office which will require good communication links and good internet speeds.

Conditions of Employment

Successful applicants based in the USA will be hired as full employees with benefits. Persons from outside the USA will be self-employed under long term contract. Self-employed persons will be expected to provide their own office equipment although all consumables will be covered by expenses. The salary will be fixed in the home currency in line with experience taking into account the local salary rates and comparative cost of living with a figure equivalent to US$40,000 plus benefits (US based) or US$45,000 (non-US based) being used as a guide.

Anticipated starting date: September 2018.

Closing date: 20 July 2018

If interested please submit a letter of application with a curriculum vitae to Susan Hepper at hepper@ioas.org at the latest by 20 July, 2018. If you want more information or wish to discuss the position in more detail you may send an email to the IOAS Assistant Executive Director Iris Rendon at Rendon@ioas.org.


Food Safety Technical Experts are being sought to support the implementation and delivery of a new FDA FSMA accreditation program. The Technical Expert position would be on an as-needed contract basis, with compensations commensurate with experience. Interested parties must have recently completed the PCQI training programs designed by FSPCA. It is anticipated that most of the audits will take place in Latin America though they may be anywhere in the world.

Technical Expert Job Description

The role of the Technical Expert may be fulfilled by staff or by external freelance workers and report to the Programme Manager.

The technical expert is a person assigned by the IOAS to support the assessor in the assessment of a certification body (CB) in circumstances when the technical aspects of the scheme under review is not within the capabilities of the assessor. The assessment is a process undertaken by the IOAS to assess the competence of a CB based on a particular standard or other normative document and for a defined scope of accreditation.

It is the job of the Technical Expert to:

a) Liaise with the Assessor, Client Manager and as appropriate the Progamme Manager in organising the on-site visit.
b) Alert the Client Manager to any possible conflicts of interest.
c) With guidance from the Client Manager make suitable travel arrangements including completing any country entry requirements.
d) Familiarise themselves with the report format prepared by the Client Manager and ensure that they have available all relevant and up to date normative documents and relevant documents of the CB and any relevant history of the IOAS assessment.
e) Conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times representing the IOAS whether at the premises of the CB or their clients.
f) Using the visit report format, and in support of the assessor on the technical aspects of the relevant standard, conduct an assessment of the competence of the CB according to the relevant norms and requirements maintaining an impartial perspective at all times.
g) Provide information and explanations to the CB but avoid the provision of solutions to noncompliances.
h) Collect and record objective evidence of compliance and noncompliance of the CB with the relevant technical norms and provide them to the assessor.
i) Manage time carefully to ensure the visit schedule is implemented fully and all required questions are covered.
j) In an exit meeting and in support to the assessor present to the CB staff the findings from the site visit making clear that these findings are subject to review by the IOAS office and ultimately the Accreditation Committee.
k) Within two weeks compile a concise report of the site visit including findings and provide to the assessor for inclusion in his/her report to be forwarded to the Client Manager for review.
l) Make themselves available to respond to any questions arising from the review by the Client Manager.
m) At the same time, submit their invoice and expense return for payment (external Technical Expert only).
n) Each contribution to the visit report of an external Technical Expert is reviewed and feedback provided. The Technical Expert is invited to comment on this feedback from the Client Manager.

To apply: please email info@ioas.org for an application form.
Closing date: Ongoing until further notice.


Food Safety focused Accreditation Committee members are being sought to facilitate GlobalG.A.P. and FSMA accreditation decisions. The Accreditation Committee is a volunteer position appointed by the IOAS Board, only requiring you to participate in teleconferences and a once a year physical meeting, which may be held anywhere in the world.

All travel expenses would be paid for by IOAS and a $1000 honorarium is provided for your convenience.


Candidates must apply via email to info@ioas.org with the following:

  1. A nomination from any organisation or individual.
  2. A full curriculum vitae (resumé)
  3. A statement of their interest in seeking the appointment.

Closing date:

Applications accepted until further notice.


Applications of interest are being sought for IOAS future Board Members.
The IOAS board is constituted in a manner that safeguards impartiality and enables the participation of all parties from various sectors significantly concerned in the development and principles regarding the content and functioning of the accreditation system.
Potential Board members should have a background from one of the following sectors ; conformity assessment (certification & inspection); operators; beneficiaries (consumers, environment, retail, trade, movement); developing world; and regulatory.
We are particularly keen to receive applications from those with the Developing world, and Conformity Assessment categories as well as an Operator representative. Elections to the Board shall be for three-year terms with the possibility of re-appointed.


Candidates must apply via email to info@ioas.org with the following:

  1. A nomination from any organisation or individual.
  2. A full curriculum vitae (resumé)
  3. A statement of their interest in seeking the appointment.

Closing date: Applications accepted until September 30th 2018.

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