Accreditation Committee

The IOAS Board has appointed a decision-making committee to distance the task of making decisions on accreditation from the non-technical aspects of the organisation. This technical committee is appointed to ensure a balance of interests, representation and geography as well as a wealth of expertise in conformity assessment.

Organic Accreditation Committee

Debbie Miller, Canada

Sector Representation: Conformity assessment

Debbie has been an active participant in the local, National and International organic communities for many years moving from being an organic farmer, to accepting appointments within the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) Canada, the Foreign Affairs Director for OCIA International, voting member of the Canadian General Standards Board Technical Committee, Board member for the Organic Ag Centre of Canada, Administrator and later Board member for the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate (SOD), advisor to the SOD Organic Agriculture Protection Fund Committee, President of OCIA International, President of the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) Accredited Certifiers Association, and numerous other Boards and Committees.

As an experienced professional who has actively promoted organics in general and established short and long term strategic plans, Debbie now delivers presentations and workshops on various aspects of the organic food system at conferences around the world providing crop improvement information, mentoring, participating in agronomic research and other services to producers.

Dorota Metera, Poland

Sector representation: Beneficiaries

Dorota has an MSc in horticulture and has spent all her working life committed to organic farming. She is currently the President of the Board and Director of Certification of the certification body Bioekspert Ltd. in Poland. She takes an active role in the development of the organic rules in Europe through her role as member of the IFOAM EU Group since 2008 and more recently as its Vice President. She worked for the Association of Organic Producers in Poland (Ekoland) between 1989 and 2002 and is currently a member of the Monitoring Committee for Rural Development.

Dr Jochen Neuendorff, Germany

Sector representation: Conformity assessment

Jochen Neuendorff works since 1989 as an auditor and has a wide experience in organic inspection and certification as well as in certification programs for food and feed safety. He is Managing Director of GfRS, a control body based in Göttingen, Germany, and also works as an assessor for different accreditation bodies in third countries. He coordinates a number of research projects dealing with efficiency and effectiveness of organic certification, actually the EU-wide Leonardo-project IRM-Organic for the training of organic inspectors in improved risk management.

Joyce Ford, USA

Sector representation: Operators

Joyce has been involved in organic agriculture since 1977 when she first started farming vegetables organically. Since that time, she has undertaken work as an organic inspector, a trainer, been involved in policy development in organic certification and undertaken internal audits of organic certification bodies and is currently chair of the International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA) Ethics Committee.

Patricio Parra, Chile

Sector representation: Beneficiaries

Patricio is an agronomist by training and has an MSc in Ecological Agricdlture at the University of Wageningen, Netherlands. Since 2002 he has worked with the Chilean National Commission of Irrigation focused on water pollution and sustainable agriculture systems. Between 1993 and 1999 he worked for CIAL, a non-government organisation dedicated to rural development and technology transfer in organic agriculture. He has worked previously as an organic inspector, continues work as an internal auditor and undertakes consulting work in collaboration with FAO and IICA, including support of many organic competent authorities in Latin America.

Dr Qiao Yuhui, China

Sector representation: Operators and workers

Qiao is an associate professor of natural resources and environment sciences at the China Agricultural University (CAU) in Beijing. Her main research fields are organic agriculture and soil pollution ecology. She has participated in more than ten key national and international research programmes. She has published more than 60 research papers and 16 books in her field. She has also worked as an organic inspector for various certification bodies active in China.

Roberto Setti, Italy

Sector representation: Conformity assessment

Roberto has worked since 1992 with the certification body CCPB SRL of Bologna, Italy where he now holds the position of Manager of the Technical Department and Quality Assurance. He has a degree in Agriculture and is qualified as an auditor of quality management systems and environmental management systems. In his career he has worked as an organic inspector in many countries and as a Quality Manager and as Technical Manager working with various international organic norms including that of Europe, the USA and Japan. In 2006 he was appointed Coordinator of the Technical Committee of the National Federation for Organic Agriculture in Italy (Federbio). He is a member of the IFOAM Standard Requirements Committee since 2010 and a member of the IFOAM Accreditation Requirements Committee since 2012.

Vitoon Panyakul, Thailand

Sector representation: Developing world

Vitoon Panyakul has been working with the Thai organic movement since 1991. As an organic pioneer, he helped to establish several organisations active in organic agriculture promotion like the Green Net Cooperative (organic and fair trade distributor and exporter), the Earth Net Foundation (non-profit foundation working to support small-scale farmers for organic conversion in Asia region), the Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (organic certification body active in southeast Asia region), and the Thai Organic Trader Association.

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