Impartiality Committee

The Impartiality Committee’s function is to ensure that IOAS conducts its business in an impartial manner. It will be reviewing a sample of decisions made by IOAS and examining the appropriateness of IOAS policies and procedures related to freedom from conflict of interest of individuals and of the organization as a whole. The committee will also determine whether any actions taken to mitigate against potential risks to impartiality. The four committee members are Alexandra Thoring, Jan Deane, Joelle Katto-Andrighetto and Pedro Landa.

Impartiality Committee Members

Alexandra Thoring

Following an interest in environment action groups, Alexandra started working actively in the organic movement and market in 1993 founding her own organic certified company in 1997. Her main activity is consultancy and brokerage focusing mainly on organic grains and pulses within Germany, France and Spain due to current market demands.
Involved worldwide in organic trade, business coaching and mediation activities directly and indirectly, she believes in providing full transparency to her customers and suppliers and has previous impartiality committee experience.

Jan Deane

Jan has been an instrumental part of the organic movement since the early 80s when she and her husband bought a small farm in Devon UK to grow organic vegetables and pioneered the concept of direct marketing vegetable boxes. She has worked both nationally and internationally for the organic movement not only in the areas of inspection, certification and accreditation but also agricultural policy. Since her retirement as IOAS Executive Director (Operations) in 2016, she has continued to work on various projects.

Joelle Katto-Andrighetto

Joelle Katto-Andrighetto has a MSc degree in Agriculture. She has been working with IFOAM-Organics International since 2005, and is currently the head of its Organic Policy and Guarantee Department. In this capacity, she manages the work of IFOAM-Organics International related to organic standards and verification systems, including third party certification and Participatory Guarantee Systems, as well as regulations and supporting policies. She chairs the various IFOAM OGS technical committees working to develop the IFOAM Norms, which are the basis of the IFOAM Accreditation Program and the IFOAM Family of Standards program. She is based in Bonn, Germany.

Pedro Landa

Mr. Pedro A. Landa is an Ag. Eng. from the University of Buenos Aires (1980). In 1991, Pedro created Organización Internacional Agropecuaria (OIA), an argentine company pioneer in certification of which it is his founder and Technical Director. OIA is a certification body, dedicated since its beginning mainly to organic production with international scopes. OIA has a long development in the organic sector, being member of the Directory of IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) Affiliates and Pedro was a founding member of Argentine organizations such as MAPO (Argentine Movement for Organic Production) and CACER (Argentine Chamber of Certification). Pedro is also an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor, with a long experience in auditing Quality Management Systems.

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