Although with a headquarters in the USA,  IOAS has always operated a virtual office with staff members being appointed for their knowledge and skills without concern for their being able to work in a certain geographical location.

Current Staff Members

Abrar Ahmed Apu, Bangladesh


Abrar is highly qualified with a Masters in Textile and Clothing Management and a BSc in Textile Technology, in addition to being a Certified Lead Auditor. His extensive work experience includes textile inspection and auditing of certification bodies; providing training services for GOTS; and lecturing at Bangladesh University of Textiles. Abrar has considerable knowledge of textile and recycled textile processing and chemical management.

Adel Enderson, United Kingdom

Database Manager

Since joining IOAS in 2017 Adel has worked closely with the IOAS Directors and team on the operations side of the IOAS accreditation process. IOAS project and process examples include responsibility for enquiries, applications, set up of scopes and schedules, contracts, certificates, annual operator data and monthly data submissions and development of the scheme requirements assessment files. Most recently Adel has made a significant contribution to the design and configuration of the new O-SYS database. Prior to joining IOAS Adel has over 12 years experience as a Senior (acting Principal) Environmental Consultant working with soil, groundwater and gas assessments of contaminated land.

Adhi Kurnia Tama, Indonesia


Adhi has a degree in Agriculture from Brawijaya University and began his career firstly as an Agronomist in a palm oil plantation, before going on to become an inspector, auditor and a certifier and finally an Assessor for IOAS. Adhi’s knowledge and experience of EU, USDA-NOP, JAS, GlobalG.A.P. and SNI Organik certifications, and the additional training courses he has undertaken to support his continued professional development make Adhi a valued new member of the IOAS team.

Alisha Nunes, UK

HR and Business Administrator

Alisha has over ten years of experience in Human Resources with comprehensive knowledge of payroll, recruitment, onboarding processes, and compliance within various sectors such as NHS UK, transport, hospitality, engineering, pharma, and education. Her greatest strengths are her eagerness to learn new skills, her multitasking abilities, her excellent administration skills, and her ability to adapt to changes. She is well-organized, efficient, and proficient in ensuring compliance with all pre-employment checks and maintaining accurate records. Alisha completed her Master of Business Administration, specializing in Human Resource Management, in 2014 and achieved Level 2 Business Administration (UK) in 2020.

Amaia Aldana, Spain

Technical Director

Amaia joined the IOAS in 2002 as a Client Manager (CM) in the IOAS for many years performing assessments of certification bodies against various international norms. Before, she worked for a German control body and was involved in development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean working on the development of organic standards, inspector training and certification body quality systems to meet international standards. She has a degree in Agricultural Engineering and was an Erasmus student in Germany. Her thesis topic was the effects of the European Regulation 2092/91 on the development of organic farming in developing countries. She now works in a more supervisory role in support of Assessors. Amaia represents the IOAS on the IFOAM Accreditation Requirements Committee.

Anabela Ramos, Portugal

Client Services Manager

Anabella includes within her qualifications, a degree in environmental engineering and a lead auditor qualification. She has also provided post graduate teaching in different institutions of higher education in quality management systems. Her education and previous extensive experience working as a business developer and client manager for a certification body has resulted in an excellent understanding and working knowledge of the procedure for product and process certification.

Andreas Georgakakis, Greece


Andreas Georgakakis commenced his career as an inspector and moved on to working with a number of private standards and certification schemes, collaborating with many international CBs. Through undertaking additional responsibilities his experience in inspection, certification and accreditation procedures has grown and his support of the Organic movement was recognised (Andreas was elected as an IFOAM EU Council member and he was also selected as an IFOAM EU representative at two of the European Commission’s DG AGRI Civil Dialogue Groups). Andreas brings a wealth of understanding and knowledge to the IOAS and began working with us in October 2018.

Andrea Tucker, United Kingdom

Communications Manager

Involved in agricultural product development and diversification from an early age, Andrea has since worked in a variety of service industries and has extensive experience in contracting, personnel and marketing. As Communications Manager she is concentrating on strengthening the IOAS’ communications and exhibition activities in addition to providing business and marketing support to the Executive Directors.

Andrés Vásquez Millán, Argentina


Andrés is based in Argentina and is an Engineer in Agronomy with a postgraduate in Environmental Management and an ISO 14001 Lead Auditor. He has worked for ten years for a Certification Body in Argentina, and has been their Certification Manager for more than five, working with several international scopes. He also worked for the Ministry of Agriculture, as an Environmental Specialist, working on Environmental Impact Assessments for rural development projects. This previous working experience has resulted in a strong understanding of the requirements for conformity assessment and certification for sustainable and organic standards.

Md. Amran Hossain, Bangladesh


Amran is a textile specialist with a BSc in Textile Engineering (Major Wet Processing), an MSc in Environmental Science, an MBA in Human Resource Management, with further additional educational and training qualifications in social and environmental sustainability. He is a specialist in social, environmental and chemical sustainability assessment, traceability assessment, and related training. His extensive professional auditing and training experience in Textile Exchange, GOTS, HIGG FEM, SLCP, BSCI, and other international standards as well as code of conduct in different countries in Asia and the Middle East made him an valued contributor in this field. His diversified experience in working with different international certification and auditing bodies provided him with outstanding knowledge and competencies in his specialist areas.

Astrid Lund, Denmark

Operations Assistant

Astrid graduated with a masters in Agricultural Development, and previously undertook political volunteer and community organising in the fields of climate and environmental justice and global inequality where she gained experience with project administration and management. Adept in collaborating with people from many different cultural backgrounds, with different schedules and commitments, Astrid is used to facing unexpected changes and circumstances. With her excellent administration skills supporting the essential tasks that are required for our accreditation work, Astrid is a valuable addition to our team.

Burak Baykaldı, Turkey


Burak has had a multi-dimensional career in the textile industry. Enthusiastic about all aspects of the textile industry as well as human relations, he likes to focus on practical and creative solutions to problems. His career has taken him from product development in research centers, to international sales and on to technical and social compliance audits and certification. Having achieved a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Textile Engineering he is now currently undertaking a further Sociology degree.

Dániel Szalai, Hungary


Dániel’s roots in agriculture and the environment began with beekeeping on his family’s farm in Hungary. Since then he has gone on to become highly qualified in environment studies, quality, international food chain and agricultural management. Alongside his impressive qualifications he has developed a thorough working knowledge and understanding of the industry, participating globally in all roles of the certification and accreditation processes and conformity assessments. Dániel began working with the IOAS in September 2018.

David Crucefix, United Kingdom

Executive Director

David joined the IOAS as Assistant Executive Director in 2000 after an earlier career in development aid working mainly in the Caribbean islands, Africa and Asia followed by a move to organic agriculture as a grower, inspector and finally certifier. With IOAS he has performed many assessments of certification bodies all over the world and developed IOAS as a trainer. David is now particularly responsible for overall operations in the IOAS. He has a degree in agricultural sciences and a PhD in plant pathology.

Despoina Markopoulou, Greece

Quality Assistant

Despoina, has a BSc in Agronomy and is currently studying for a MSc in Applied Science and Technology in Agricultural Production. With over 17 years of professional experience in the field of Organic Agriculture in various responsible certification and quality control roles and a broad range of sustainable Accreditation Schemes. Despoina joined the IOAS in June 2023 and brought with her a wealth of experience in integrity investigations, handling and record keeping for sanctions, complaints and appeals.

Francesca Giordana, Italy

Technical Director Assistant

Francesca has several years’ experience in logistics and sales, developing strong operational and organisational skills, helping everyone in the IOAS team meet those important deadlines. With a Master’s degree in International Finance and Management, Francesca’s passionate attitude towards the Environment, compelled her to undertake an second Master’s degree in Sustainable Development, Geopolitical Resources and Arctic Studies and move forward with her career within the Accreditation sector.

Gergana Nentcheva, Germany


Gergana grew up in Bulgaria where she received a degree in Food Technology. She worked in the field of food technology and ingredients for 5 years, in partnership with CHR. HANSEN and Palsgaard, before joining the European Commission as expert on food safety and quality. For four years she was the manager of an organic certification body in Bulgaria with a branch office in Macedonia. She joined the IOAS as Client Manager in April 2008. Since then she has taken special responsibility for food safety.

Jennyfer Karall, Brazil

Scheme Manager / Assessor

Although born in Germany, Jenny has lived all her life in Brazil and completed a degree in Agronomy in 2001 with special emphasis on environmental management and a thesis on biodynamic agriculture. Straight after graduation she started work as both an advisor to various biodynamic farms and joined the certification body IBD as a freelance inspector. She became a full time employee of IBD in 2003 and their Quality Manager in 2007. Jenny joined the IOAS in 2010, completed her lead auditor training in 2011 and has taken on special responsibility for our work in organic textiles. She lives with her family just outside São Paulo.

Jessica Lambert, Canada

Finance Administrator

Jessica is based in Canada and undertakes the general day to day operating duties of the IOAS Office Administrator, in addition to maintaining financial records and handling bookkeeping, payment of invoices and personnel payroll. Jessica is the person who will be the main contact for Clients’ financial queries and will ensure IOAS invoices and payments are handled quickly and effectively.

Laura Pashley, UK

Client Services Manager

Laura is a practiced administrative and commercial manager and a former Client Services Manager for a UK Certification Body. This added to her more recent employment in sourcing and supplying certified organic products worldwide has given rise to a sound knowledge of organic procedures and regulatory requirements. Laura’s past roles working with global clients, assisting with audit planning, invoicing and competence in dealing with complex situations have resulted in great communication skills and a well-developed attention to detail, all of which will be greatly valued by the IOAS and our clients.

Lauren Carlyle, South Africa

Business Director

Lauren began her career with a Bachelor of Business Science in economics and honours for her thesis in environmental marketing. Since then, Lauren has accumulated over 20 years management experience in finance, marketing and business development, recruitment and human resources, governance and operations across three continents: Asia, the UK and South Africa. Immediately prior to joining IOAS, Lauren was CEO of a South African NPO with responsibility for 75 staff across 7 sites. As the IOAS Business Director she is now able to focus on facilitating the development and growth of the IOAS to help contribute towards a more sustainable world.

Mafalda Carneiro, Portugal

Operations Manager

Mafalda has previous extensive experience working as control and organic schemes manager with responsibility for managing inspectors and auditors, including the assignment of inspections/audits and the control and monitoring of clients. After obtaining a Degree in Zootechnical Engineering, she went on to become a qualified lead auditor and has obtained further qualifications in the production of organic farming and animal welfare. Within the IOAS, Mafalda is now responsible for managing the day-to-day implementation of all accreditation and assessment activity, ensuring that work is delivered according to IOAS requirements and taking primary responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Client Service Managers.

Marina Pogrebnaya, Belarus

Finance Assistant

Marina joined us in 2023 after accumulating many years of accounting/financial experience . As a skilled finance specialist she has experience with in record-keeping, cash management, reimbursements/advances, payments processing, bank reconciliations, budget, reports. Within the IOAS Finance department, Marina assists with our record keeping, identifying late payments and handling collections communications and follow up client invoices for assessments and services provided.

Polonca Mehraban Repič, Slovenia


Involved with organic production, processing and marketing for years, Polonca graduated with a B.S. Agronomy from the University of Maribou, Slovenia. Her years of experience as an inspector, auditor, quality manager, certifier and trainer in addition to living on her own organic farm, has ensured she has a good all round understanding of organic and sustainable agriculture. Polonca became a welcome addition to the team in 2015.

Rekha Siddaraju, India

Client Services Manager

Rekha is an agriculture graduate with several years work experience in organic certification. Previously employed by a certification body as part of a team ensuring the management and communication of the certification process, Rekha was regularly involved in interpreting inspection data, participating in the process of approval for certification, providing technical assistance to clients on organic standards and assessing the corrective actions taken by clients for compliance. All of which has made her a welcome valuable member of the IOAS team.

Sabine Lovegrove, UK

Executive Director Assistant

Sabine is passionate about protecting the planet and our environment and keen to use her extensive experience in project and office management to make a difference to the world around her. Sabine is a master of scheduling and organization. Her broad remit covers providing administrative and data analysis support and assisting with IOAS logistic arrangements to ensure our Executive Director and Board have the information they require to perform their job to the best of their abilities.

Md. Sazzad Hossain, Bangladesh

IT Systems Administrator

Sazzad has a B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering and is partway through a M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering at Jagannath University. Having experience in web development, assisting with systems management, network monitoring and troubleshooting as well as providing training and user support he is our resident IT expert.

Sumit Gupta, India


Sumit has an extensive background and experience in standard setting for textiles & colourants, certification, wet processing, as well as manufacturing. He is extremely knowledgeable in the requirements for textile accreditation, audits, standards and their policies and has worked on standard development, quality assurance and implementation working with a number of global stakeholders. With his valuable knowledge and experience and his high level of personal integrity, Sumit became a welcome member of the IOAS team in 2021.

Swetha A.S., India

Client Services Manager

Swetha has a Bachelor of engineering degree in Biotechnology and has worked over 13 years in the food and agricultural sector in India and Europe. Her previous employment and more recently her role as a Quality Manager for a certification company overseeing organic and sustainable compliance and certification has given her the knowledge and experience to provide IOAS clients with a diligent and professional service. Swetha lives on her family’s organic farm in India.

Teresa Barnett, USA

Quality Director

Teresa joined the IOAS with over two decades of experience and a thorough working knowledge and understanding of the regulatory compliance industry. With an MSc in chemistry, Teresa’s career began with the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) and the Meritus Medical Laboratory. Not only an experienced internal auditor, Teresa’s senior management roles have given her extensive experience with conformity assessment programs, quality management systems, document control, corrective and preventive actions, complaint resolution, peer evaluations with Mutual Recognition Arrangement partners around the world and ISO compliance.

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