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CFIA confirms transition period for organic aquaculture products expires January 15, 2021

After broad internal and external consultation CFIA confirms that the transition period for organic aquaculture products will expire on January 15, 2021 and it is specified in the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR). Changing the enforcement date would require a regulatory amendment which is not possible at this stage. In the context of current COVID-19 situation, the CFIA is working diligently with organic stakeholders and the regulated parties to provide maximum possible flexibility in the implementation of the Canada Organic Regime.

CFIA is working on a targeted approach for organic seaweed traded between Canada and the EU and the US, to prevent trade disruptions while work continues on equivalency with these countries
The U.S. and Canada are working on a notice to the organic industries in both countries which will cover the trade of seaweed certified under USDA National Organic Program (NOP) or the Canadian agriculture standard while the two countries collaborate on updating the language of the USCOEA.

Regarding the seaweed exported from Canada to the EU CFIA will allow this product to continue to be certified to the agriculture standard.

CFIA continues its discussions with EU and UK to advance the scope expansion of the current equivalency arrangements to cover aquaculture products however this process is lengthy and requires commitment from both sides.

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