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COSMOS Standard version 4.1 has been published

COSMOS-standard AISBL prepared a new version 4.1 of the scheme documents, which were published on the COSMOS website on 1st March 2024.

COSMOS-standard scheme documents where relevant changes have been done:

• V4.0 to V4.1 for the COSMOS-standard

• V4.0 to V4.1 for the Technical Guide

• V4.0 to V4.1 for the Control Manual

The Labelling Guide V4.0 remains unchanged.

The V4.1 sub-version has very limited and mostly editorial changes, with the aim of clarifying a few points, further to the Version 4 main release in 2023.

COSMOS-standard applicable set of Scheme Documents consists of:

• V4.1 of the COSMOS-standard (published 1 March 2024)

• V4.1 of the COSMOS-standard Technical Guide (published 1 March 2024)

• V4.0 of the COSMOS-standard Labelling Guide (published 1 January 2023)

• V4.1 of the COSMOS-standard Control Manual (published 1 March 2024)

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ISO/IEC 17065 Accreditation

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