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European Commission and Colombia to start negotiations on a bilateral agreement on trade in organic products

The Government of Colombia and the European Commission have announced the start of negotiations towards a bilateral agreement on trade in organic products between the European Union and Colombia.
Both sides confirmed their interest to swiftly conclude, at the end of the negotiations, an agreement that would allow a larger market for organic farmers, reduced burden for companies and more organic products available to consumers.

Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development of Colombia Aurelio Iragorri Valencia and EU Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development Phil Hogan met on February 8th in Bogota.
Both the European Union and Colombia are currently examining each other’s organic legislation. The agreement on trade in organic products between the EU and Colombia will be based on the mutual recognition of each other’s production rules and controls system as equivalent. It will reduce administrative burden for producers and operators. It will also aim at fostering technical dialogue and cooperation between the parties to the benefit of producers and consumers of organic products.


More information is available on the European Commission website.

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