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LETIS S.A. GOTS and Textile Exchange accreditation (except for activity in Argentina and Peru) suspended 11 August 2020

On July 31, 2020 IOAS took the decision to suspend LETIS S.A. of Argentina’s  accreditations for the Global Organic Textile Standard and Textile Exchange schemes (except for activity in Argentina and Peru) and this suspension became effective on August 11, 2020. LETIS has been invited to take corrective actions to lift the suspension.

Whilst the suspension is in effect LETIS is not permitted to accept new applications or extend the scope of certificates but is required to maintain surveillance on existing certificate holders.

LETIS operators in possession of a valid certificate under either scheme on 11 August 2020 continue to be recognized as accredited certifications and may continue to trade product under accredited certificates and, where relevant to the scheme, the CB may issue transaction certificates unless the scheme owner determines otherwise. No certificates may be issued by the certification body to new applicants or extensions of scope permitted to existing operators whilst it remains suspended.

Any operations, certification bodies and authorities that relied on these accreditations are asked to take note.

Organic Agriculture

IFOAM, Canada, EU


GOTS, Textile Exchange

Organic & Natural Cosmetics


ISO/IEC 17065 Accreditation


ISO/IEC 17065 Accreditation

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