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New EU Organic food production rules consultation open until 3 December 2019

The new EU Organic Regulation on production rules has been put for public consultation from 4th November for 4 weeks, until 3 December 2019.

The contents cover:
– Details for the retroactive recognition of the conversion period
– Rules for herbivores: Bovine, Ovine, Caprine, Equine, Cervine, Rabbits
– Rules for poultry and pigs
– Rules for Aquaculture
– Rules for Processed Food and Feed
– Information to be provided by Member States to Commission on availability of organic seed and PRM, animals and aqua juveniles
– Transitional rules
– Annexes on surfaces for animals (including aquaculture)
– Annex with details on database and derogations

For the full details please visit the EU website.

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