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New EU Regulation on controls, traceability and labelling, enhancing EU 848/2018 published

Regulation EU 279/2021 on additional controls, sampling, catalogues of measures by CBs, producers groups and labelling has been published. The link to the this Regulation is available here: Regulation (EU) 2021/279 .

This new Regulation establishes additional requirements for:

    • Procedural steps to be followed by the operator in case of detection of residues of non-allowed products & substances
    • Official investigation methodology (for certification bodies)
    • Use of indications in labelling of in-conversion products
    • Composition and dimension of group of operators (maximum 2000 members per group now official)
    • Documents and records for groups of operators and notification from the ICS manager
    • Minimum percentages of controls and samplings
    • Measures in case of non-established non-compliances
    • Exchange of information
    • Annex I: National catalogues of measures
    • Annex II: OFIS template for irregularities notifications by EU-member states

This Regulation comes into force on 1st January 2022.

In addition to the above, a regulation amending date of enforcement of EU 427/2020 (introducing few amendments of Annex II of EU 848/2018) has just been issued – link available here: Regulation (EU) 2021/269. The amendment is a change of the enforcement date to 1st January 2022.

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