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Organic Inspector Mentor Cohort Now Accepting Proposals

ACA and IOIA are seeking proposals from experienced Organic Inspectors to serve as mentors for newly trained inspectors and to track tasks completed during the job of mentoring. The mentors will be responsible for providing guidance, support, and training to new inspectors as they gain experience in the field and also tracking tasks completed and time/effort taken to complete each task using a provided Job Tracking Template. The purpose of the Job Tracking Template is to identify high-stakes tasks, such as those done frequently or for the highest impact, toward creating training resources for mentors and ultimately a sustainable workload and compensation structure for mentors in the field.

A stipend of $1500 is available to Mentors upon completion of an apprenticeship and recording tasks for the Job-Task Analysis. Apprenticeships must be completed by August 31, 2023. Mentors may complete multiple apprenticeships with different apprentices during the identified time period. Qualifying mentors will be added to a 2023 Mentor Cohort and assigned to Apprentices by ACA and as mutually agreed.

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ISO/IEC 17065 Accreditation

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