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Requirement for certification bodies to publish information of organic operators under the Canada Organic Regime published

CFIA is the scheme owner of the Canada Organic Regime (COR) which operates within the legal authority of Part 13 of the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR). The International Organization for Standardization standard ISO/IEC 17065, entitled Conformity assessment — Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services (ISO 17065) is incorporated by reference in Part 13 of the SFCR and CBs must comply with it.

As per clause 7.8 of ISO 17065, CBs are required to:
maintain information on certified products which contains at least the identification of the product, the standards to which the product has been certified and identification of the operator
publish the information in a directory (through publications, electronic media or other means) as stipulated by the scheme owner
Implementing the policy

The CFIA requires the CBs to make the following information publicly available:
name of organic operator
address and contact information of operator
certification status of the operator
list of certified products
categories under which the products are certified
The CBs are required to publish the above information using an online directory such as a searchable database or Excel document. The CBs will be responsible for keeping this information up to date.
Medium of publication will be decided in consultation with the CBs, national organic associations and the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).
The timeline for implementing this policy is fall 2020.

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Please also note, Directive 14-01 has been updated to remove the requirements that were transferred in Part C of the COR Manual. The amended directive is posted on the CFIA web site at:

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