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Textile Exchange Content Claim Standard 3.0 effective July 1, 2021

The Content Claim Standard (CCS) is the foundation of all Textile Exchange standards. It provides a strong chain of custody system from the source to the final product. It ensures that the integrity and identity of the input material is preserved throughout the supply chain.

CCS 3.0 is effective as of July 1, 2021 and mandatory by July 1, 2022 (see CCS 3.0 Transition Policy).

Key changes in the CCS 3.0 include:

  1. Updated look and feel to match our existing suite of standards.
  1. Brand certification is mandatory. Brand network certification and 100% exemption known from CCS 2.0 have been dropped. Batch code labelling remains an option.
  1. Traders without physical possession are no longer required to be certified. Frequency of traders will correspond to a risk assessment.
  1. Contracts are now required with all subcontractors. New requirements for organizations acting as subcontractors are in place.
  1. Introduction of section F for multi-site and group certification to clarify requirements, adapting learnings from the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) and Responsible Animal Fiber (RAF) farm group requirements. Pilots will be conducted later in 2021.

Read the revision summary here.

Read the CCS 3.0 here.

Read the CCS 3.0 User Manual here.

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