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Textile Exchange updated CCS Certification Procedures, policy and List of Banned Organisation published

Textile Exchange have updated;

CCS-102-v3.0, CCS Certification Procedures,  for conducting audits to the CCS v3.0. It may be used immediately and is mandatory as of 1st July 2022 (except for brand certification, which is mandatory as of 1st April, 2023). The document can be accessed on Textile Exchange´s website::

ASR-225-V2022.1, List of Banned Organisations. It can be accessed on Textile Exchange´s website:

CCS-105-v3.0, Policy for Alternative Volume Reconciliation (VR2), It can be accessed on Textile Exchange´s website:

Here is an extract from the Policy´s introduction: “The Content Claim Standard (CCS) relies on batch-level segregation of certified products, for both 100% certified content and blended products. Textile Exchange recognizes that this model may not be implementable for sites that run continuous production processes with reclaimed or recycled material inputs and are unable to maintain batch level segregation. These sites are typically first processors in the textile supply chain. The inclusion of these first processors in textile supply chains presents an opportunity for meaningful positive impacts in the industry since due to their processing of larger product volumes. This policy details the eligibility criteria and requirements for the use of alternative volume reconciliation (VR2) by organizations that meet eligibility criteria. VR2 criteria provide an option for mass balance credit accounting at the level of an individual site. This policy is effective April 1st, 2022. All audits and assessments conducted on or after April 1st , 2022 shall be conducted using the CCS-105 Policy for Alternative Volume Reconciliation (VR2) version 3.0. NOTE: V3.0 is the earliest version of this document to align with CCS V3.0.”



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