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Textile Exchange updated Policy, Classification and Template documents October 2023

Textile Exchange have recently issued a number of new documents which include;

ASR-113-V1.0-Policy-for-the-Use-of-eTrackit. This policy is effective immediately and certification bodies have until April 1st, 2024 to register on the Textile Genesis platform. The TE-ID will serve as a unique identifier for each facility listed on a scope certificate. The TE-ID will not change when an organization changes certification bodies. The TE-ID for a certified organization (main site) will be used in place of a license number to identify that organization on scope and transaction certificates. All new organizations will be required to register before becoming certified, and certified organizations will be required to register any new sites or associated subcontractors prior to adding them to the scope certificate. TE-IDs for each facility will replace the facility number which is currently present on the scope certificate.

ASR-103-V3.1-Policy-for-Scope-Certificates  and  ASR-104-V3.1-Policy-for-Transaction-Certificates – These are effective and may be used from November 15, 2023; and are mandatory January 1, 2024 (please note there is some specified criteria which is not mandatory until April 1, 2024).

ASR-213-V1.2-Materials-Processes-and-Products-Classification  which along with ASR-214-V1.2-Geographic Classification is effective and may be used from November 15, 2023; but is mandatory January 1, 2024. Updates include identification of 19 countries where state/province data is mandatory and codes to allow submissions to be adjusted if necessary.

ASR-204-V3.1-Template-for-Scope-Certificates and ASR-205-V3.1-Template-for-Transaction-Certificates – These are should be implemented January 1, 2024 and are mandatory April 1, 2024. Updates include updated field names,  the integration of existing calibration items and submission details, and the allowance of additional flexibility for CBs on many criteria, including anniversary dates and issuance of TCs beyond 180 days from the shipment date.

ASR-107-V2024.0-Certification-Fee-Structure, becomes effective (mandatory) on January 1st, 2024.


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ISO/IEC 17065 Accreditation

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